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  1. Maiku_Ando

    Happy Birthday Maho Nishizumi! - July 1st (2023)

    Once again it is Maho Day! Happy Birthday Maho Nishizumi ! Last year I posted tons of videos I had found of Maho, there are not so many this time as I already posted them and I have not found so many this year, so here are some other random Maho things I found, enjoy!
  2. Maiku_Ando

    Placeholder #45: Nightcore - Heroes Tonight

    Ignitecore brings you 'Heroes Tonight'.
  3. Maiku_Ando

    Linux Lunacy!

    I finally got fed up with the little glitches I was getting in Debian 10, so I decided to try Arch btw. I decided to record some notes about the experience and as will become apparent, the glitches I encountered. Debian 10 Package Issue Resolution Comment? Firefox Graphical glitches, crash...
  4. Maiku_Ando

    Merry Christmas videos - idolm@ster 「恋人がサンタクロース」

    「恋人がサンタクロース」 uploaded by いがある.
  5. Maiku_Ando

    What are you watching?

    Been a while since my last update on here so since then I have watched all of Highschool DxD, that was great, Xenovia is awesome and my favourite character, now added to my harem on anidb. Then I think it was Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu (Vampire Cosmonaut) which I loved, as it rolled on...
  6. wp6035275-xenovia-quarta-desktop-wallpapers.jpg


  7. Maiku_Ando

    Linux Lunacy!

    I take it via one of those emulators? I was considering trying MS stuff via Vivaldi. I actually noticed I hadn't mentioned that in the thread, but I am loving it, however I am getting ahead of myself... so let me show WHY... Right then.. place your bets on what you are looking at :) I...
  8. Maiku_Ando

    Merry Christmas!

    From everyone at Fansub.Tv and we wish you a very Merry Christmas! Check out our Christmas Gallery! Share your favourite anime Christmas images and videos with us! Here is a nice idolmaster video, its an old one but I love it :)
  9. Maiku_Ando

    Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Bakuen o!

    New Konosuba prequel about Megumin, expected april 2023 and a new preview as of Dec 2022. This looks amazing, really loving the art style so far in the PVs. Here are the previous one if you have not seen them:
  10. Maiku_Ando

    Iris Collect Petit 1/3 Scale Fashion Doll: Anna -Wonder Fraulein- Holy Night Princess Ver.

    The latest arrival in Azone's Iris Collect Petit series is here! This is Anna -Wonder Fraulein- Holy Night Princess Version. But be quick because she has a very short pre-order deadline of December 8th 2022! Just 3 days which is quite insane even by Azone standards so if you like her be sure to...
  11. Maiku_Ando

    Maho Nishizumi Doll Project - Part 1 - Where to Start

    Being a doll collector and a huge fan of Maho Nishizumi from Girls Und Panzer I have been quite disappointed at the total lack of any Maho dolls from any of the doll companies, therefore this is the story of my project to make my own Maho Nishizumi doll in 1/3 size (approx 48-50cm). First lets...
  12. Maiku_Ando

    Linux Lunacy!

    Laptops have always been difficult, I recall the whole GPU switching issues years back, and that half the 'components' in laptops seem to be mostly windows drivers. That said my old Vaio SZ7 has debian on it and runs quite nicely. It is dual GPU, Nvidia and Intel, but the Nvidia one is some...
  13. Maiku_Ando

    MATV Tohsaka XXII - Screenshot Engine Returns

    Work has continued on the MATV Tohsaka system and I'm pleased to say that the new server now has a working screenshot engine! Finally we are once again able to have nice anime pictures that we took ourselves and not having to rely on Crunchyroll for everything. It will take some time for the CDN...
  14. 2022-10-23 18.36.16 288417063b46.png

    2022-10-23 18.36.16 288417063b46.png

  15. Maiku_Ando

    Happy Birthday Fansub.TV

    October 22nd Fansub.TV Turns 18! 2004 - 2022 Fansub is now an adult! I guess that means we should get out of our parents basement and go get a job? lol Check out our updated birthday gallery! Also I feel the need to include NMusic's Ultimate Nightcore Hands Up Birthday Mix...because its...
  16. Maiku_Ando

    What are you watching?

    Finally started watching more anime, watched season 1 and 2 of Classroom of the Elite, that was certainly interesting although some of the characters are truly horrible. Just when I was thinking a character was nice or cute, the story would reveal their horrid side. Today I just finished...
  17. Maiku_Ando

    Server Move - Complete

    To reduce the monthly costs of running FTV and MATV I have reduced the size of the server instance and migrated it over to the original FTV server. This means that FTV is back in its original home since 2011, with modern software etc of course. The new location is a smaller instance therefore it...
  18. Maiku_Ando

    Maho Nishizumi of West Tiwado - A RimWorld Story

    6th Septober 5500. Hello, my name is Maho Nishizumi I am 18 and this is my log of life at Tiger's Meadow of the faction of West Tiwado. My friend SN-P140PQ (we call her PQ for short) suggested we write a log of our time here in case anyone should ever find us. We arrived here 2 quadrums ago...
  19. Maiku_Ando

    Ando's Fan Fiction: Maho The Tech

    This post reserved for future use.
  20. Maiku_Ando

    Ando's Fan Fiction: Maho The Tech

    I wanted to float this idea I had and maybe see if anyone wanted to offer any ideas to add to it. This idea came about from another fan fiction idea I had called Guys Auf Panzer, I have not put a thread up about that yet but I might do if there is a need or any interest. The idea here is to take...