Tokyo Marble Chocolate

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Genre: Fantasy, Love-Romance
Year: 2007
Studio: Production I.G
Category: OVA

The story starts in a city somehow familiar to us where two towers stand. The story takes place around a boy and a girl living there.

The boy, Yuta, is diligent and gentle. However, because he is little timid, he can't go with his girl friend very well. The girl, Chizuru, is bright and active, but she is unfortunate and often makes mistakes. She has parted with her boyfriends soon after they began to go with. That night is the first Christmas they will spend together.

The present Yuta will give Chizuru who likes animals very much is supposed to be a rabbit… However, there is a little "donkey" in the box. It runs away, and Chizuru chases it. Then, Yuta loses her and the donkey.

The time they were suppose to spend together… The thought he was supposed to confess…

The trivial but precocious things that might be forgotten in daily chores,…
While they are apart from each other, what answer will they find?
This is a two-sided love story that draws their thoughts and time from each viewpoint.

Alternative Title: • 東京マーブルチョコレート


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