Onegai My Melody

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Genre: Fantasy, Magic
Year: 2005
Studio: Studio Comet
Category: TV

* based on a character of Sanrio.

Kuromi and Baku were poisoned in a dungeon of Mary Land. One day, they obtained Melody Bow, which was a magical instrument, and escaped from the prison. They went to the human world in order to get dark power by making people see nightmare.
Under these circumstances, My Melody was suspected to help them escape. She was ordered to go to the human world to arrest them to save people's dream.
In Yumegaoka City, Kromi was making citizens see nightmare. She deceived them saying she would grant their wishes, and she realized the evil dream using Melody Key.
On the other hand, My Melody also arrived in Yumemigaoka City, and met Yumeno Uta. She was a junior high school student. She was helped by My Melody when she was in trouble with her violin that was cast evil magic. Then, My Melody began to live with her. After that, My Melody and Uta were involved in various troubles caused by Kuromi, but they solved them using her Melody Tact, a magical instrument.
However, the trouble was getting escalated. Uta's family, the friends, and even other people became victims. Finally, Hiiragi whom she secretly loved was involved.


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