Papa to Kiss in the Dark

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Genre: Drama, Shounen Ai
Year: 2005
Studio: TNK
Category: OVA

Munakata Mira is a freshman boy who goes to Hakuoh High School. He is in love with Munakata Kyosuke. In fact, Kyosuke is Mira's father-in-law and a popular sexy actor.
However, Kyosuke spends troublesome days with Utsunomiya Takayuki who's trying to steel Mira from Kyosuke, and Hino Kazuki who loves Mira secretly and protects him from Takayuki. In addition, Mira is worried by love affairs of Utsunomiya Mitsuki, who is a popular actress, Mira�s mother, Kyotsuke's elder sister, and Takayuki's mother-in-law.


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